Sunshine Filter elements are manufactured incorporating a "radial fin" design. They provide extended surface area which results in longer life, greater dirt holding capacity and maximum air flow.  This design also provides lower initial pressure drop and reduced maintenance costs.

Our filter elements provide maximum protection as Air Intake elements for:         

                                                                   - Air Compressors

                                                                          - Blowers

                                                                               - Engines

                                                                                     - Turbines

When used in Air/Gas Pipelines, our filter elements provide maximum protection in the removal of rust, scale, dust and other solid contaminants. They protect vacuum pumps, pneumatic controls, meters, air dryers, compressors, valves and other types of equipment where contaminant free air is critical.                                                           


Our standard polyester media provides 10 micron retention at 98% efficiency. Other types and styles of media are available for various micron retention, temperature and chemical compatibility. 



In addition to standard element designs, we can provide assistance on new element  designs and can modify existing  designs to improve efficiency and performance. Increased productivity and reduced costs could just be one phone call away.       

  • Automotive Plants

  • Foundries

  • Power Plants

  • Steel Mills

  • Glass Plants

  • Cement Plants

  • Petrochemical Plants

  • Refineries

  • Breweries

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Textile Plants

  • Pulp & Paper Mills

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

Some of the industries where our filter elements are presently in use: