Sewn End Elements - Heavy duty radial fin  filter elements made with 16 ga. or 20 ga. center cores. Filter media is  supported by heavy 4 x 4 mesh. Elements are  cleanable and can be factory reconditioned. Gaskets are attached with adhesive or hand sewn on for liquid service.  Options: backwash screen, fin spacers, alternative metals and media.

Molded End Elements - Radial fin element made using the same heavy duty center core as sewn end elements. Filter media is pleated between (2) layers of epoxy coated wire mesh. End seals are molded with durable plastisol. Elements are cleanable. Options: alternative metals, media and molding compounds, pre-filter wraps.

Panel Filters - Pleated design. Heavy duty galvanized frames. Primary stage contains  polyester felt media. Second and third stage have microglass media and corrugated fin spacers. Primary elements measure 1 1/2" or 2" wide. Final stage elements are 11 1/2" wide. All panel elements are a nominal 24" x 24". Panel elements have pull strap for easy removal. Options: primary panels are      available with 4 or 10 micron felted media.  Final stage elements  have 0.3 or 2 micron.



"DA" Elements - Pleated filter element with no center core. Sometimes referred to as "Accordion" style. Filter media is pleated between (2) layers of heavy mesh. Element is cleanable and reusable. Single length molded end versions of all sizes are available. All sizes are furnished with a polyester pre-filter wrap.


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